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Last Wish

Last Wish
By Kelly Daniels
ISBN: 978-0-99167-957-7
Heat Level: 1

Book Length: Short Novella

Genre: Mainstream Romance, Contemporary, Paranormal

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Callie Manahan’s high school ex-boyfriend was a pain in the butt she couldn’t get away from. And it didn’t help that he also happened to work with her in her father’s company.

A project that takes them to Italy as colleagues soon as her feelings toward Trent changing. For the first time, Callie is able to see the real him through the protective walls he’s erected. But all isn’t what it seems, and Callie only has one chance with Trent or she could lose him forever.


“Have you ever heard of sexual harassment?”

“Yep.” He smiled brightly. “So what do you say?” His deep green eyes twinkled with mischief as he smiled down at me. Memories of us together in high school, and then again in college, made butterflies take flight in my stomach for a mere second before other less pleasant ones quashed them.

“I say you’re an as—” A knock on the open door interrupted the beginning of my tirade. Beth, my father’s assistant, stood at the door, blushing as if she had interrupted something other than the stream of obscenities that poised about to fly out of my mouth.

“I don’t mean to interrupt, but Mr. Manahan is ready for you,” she announced in her small voice. How she managed to contend with my father on a daily basis was anyone’s guess.

“Thank you, Beth.” I tried to smile at her. “Trent, get lost.”

“Actually,” Beth interjected again. “He wants to see both of you.” She turned on her heels and fled before I could comment.

Trent’s smile grew larger as he offered me his arm. Now I felt the color rising in my own cheeks.

“Get bent,” I fumed then turned and left him standing in my office.

“Deep breaths, Callie,” I chanted to myself. I just needed to take some deep breaths and calm down before I had to speak with my father. I would have stopped and taken a few minutes, but I knew without turning to look that Trent was only a few feet behind me and he still wanted to “talk.”

I knocked on my father’s door and went in without waiting for an answer. And I was right, Trent entered right behind me. I was very tempted to trip him.

“Good, you’re both here,” Dad said as he glanced up at us. Sitting behind his mahogany desk he looked quite stately. His dark hair was turning more salt than pepper, and his glasses were perched on the end of his nose as he handed Beth a file folder. “Trent, we’re glad to have you back, son.”

“Thank you, sir. I’m ready for anything you have to throw at me.”

Trent was such a kiss ass. I unconsciously made a disgusted face, which Dad seemed to catch. He raised a questioning eyebrow at me, but let it slide. He had come to tolerate Trent’s and my bickering like kids over the years.

“I’ve asked you both here to do just that. I want the two of you to team up on this one.” He rose from his desk and went over to his drafting table. “This is not our normal project. It’s a resort remodel and restoration in Italy.”

“We haven’t done that before,” I said, my mind still swirling with delight that I was finally going to get to go somewhere far, far away, then stopped on the fact that since he called us both in Trent would be going with me.

“That’s why you two will be working together. We are doing this as a favor for one of our best clients. If it goes well he has promised to use us for a large luxury resort in the Caribbean.” He spread out the plans across the table and shot a stern look at me. “I want this one guys. Don’t screw it up.”

“When does it start?” Trent asked as he appeared to study the plans thoughtfully.

“You’ll leave next week.”

“Wait, what? Next week?” I asked in astonishment. “What about my other projects?”

“What can be reassigned will be, and you can work from there. It’s not Mars. We are taking over this project mid-construction. They fired the last firm who couldn’t get the job done on time so this will be your top priority.”

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